Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Sky Nickel

What is a Sky Nickel?

Sky Nickel is the first cryptocurrency to be mined using on a renewable energy source

How do I get Sky Nickels?

At the start, the only way to get the coin will be to mine the coin. Later we will work with charities to were you will be able to donate with our website and get a portion of Sky Nickels in return.

What makes Sky Nickel different then other renewable resource coins?

The other coins are not truly produced with renewable energy. Our coin is not pre-mined and is mined and produced by miners using a renewable energy source to power the mining rigs.

Why use Sky Nickels?

We are working to develop an alternative to the problem of massive energy consumption from current crypto mining operations as well as designing a new way to donate to charities and get something in return for your donation.

How soon will Sky Nickel be ready?

We have a time frame of getting the coin up and running before May 20th,2018. Currently we are working on developing the coin and preforming tests of the coin.

What can I do to help?

By donation today, you can help further the growth of the coin and will receive a portion of Sky Nickels for helping support the development of the coin.

What is the timeline for the Sky Nickel launch?

1 Test the mining of the coin with our renewable energy source
2 Start expanding the mining operation to the interested miners
3 Further develop the coin to be more user friendly
4 Start to register the coin on exchanges
5 Begin to add the charity donation aspect into the website
6 Work to add more renewable energy sources into the mining operation