Sky Nickel

The first renewable energy mined cryptocurrency


Our goal is to design a coin that can be mined only with a clean energy source


As cryptocurrency continues to grow, so will the need for alternative ways to mine these coins and Sky Nickel is a coin based around that need


The creators of Sky Nickel have based this coin around using less harmful sources of energy to produce coins

The Next Big Thing

As demand for the coin grows, we will continue to improve and develop it to benefit all that are involved


By using our website to donate to charities, you will receive a portion of Sky Nickels for your donation

Easy Set Up

The Sky Nickel team has worked to make the process of owning and mining Sky nickels easy with in depth tutorials on how to get started in no time at all

Sky Nickel was started with the idea to develop the a cryptocurrency that is produced only from a renewable energy source. With the use of electricity sensors and monitors, you would be able to track and validate the energy source to insure that the coin is mined with renewable energy.